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#12768108 Oct 08, 2016 at 01:43 PM
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Name: Elliot

Age: 18

Location: UK

Occupation: Student, Working Part Time

Previous MMOs played: Just WoW and Runescape, a bit of ESO and GW2

Other favourite games: Oddworld, Dirt Rally, Arma 3, Total War

Character Information: Loud

Armory Link:
Past Main On Warlords:
Current Main:
And I did do a few bosses on this character too:

Name: Cruick

Class: Death Knight

Race: Troll

What is your main spec? Do you mind changing them if required?
Unholy, but I have put some relics and points into Blood too
What spec/weapons perks are you using and why?
Rushed for Armies of the Damned and Portal to the Underworld for the debuffs that they give enemies that increase both my AoE and ST dps, and on the way tried to go for the perks that increase Festering Strike damage, Virulent Plague damage etc. All of my main attacks, as well as taking Bursting Sores, Pestilent Pustules ,Castigator and Soul Reaper to make my Festering Wounds hit much harder and to drastically increase the potency of Apocalypse in general.

How is your gear? Comment on your current gear. Mention any offspec gear you have.
At the time of writing this, 840 Unholy, 839 Blood, I've been stacking Crit and Haste, Haste because of rune/runic power regen, attack speed to tunnel in more Death Coils for Scourge of Worlds as well as getting 8 Festering Wounds on a target ASAP to maximize damage output, and Crit because I took Castigator, which on crits makes the Festering Wound system hit twice as hard. I also have a lot of mastery (44%) for the shadow damage, but i ain't focusing on it.

What is your experience in end game raid instances? Include vanilla until current instance experience if applicable. Include also all experience in Hardmodes/Mythic.
Might be a killoff for me here, but started playing wow in late mop but never started endgame content until Warlords. With my previous guild, we cleared HM HC, BRF HC and HFC NM, and later on I did clear most bosses in HFC HC (including Archi) before 7.0. In Legion, i've only managed to clear Nyth, Il'gynoth and Ursoc on Normal, because at the end of the day Pug groups are actual mental patients and play Wow like trying to play a piano with broken fingers. 😶

How often do you play World of Warcraft? On what times and days of the week are you usually online?
Usually the evenings of almost everyday, hardly ever in the day due to College and Work.

What guild(s) have you been in before applying, and why did you leave them?
A great guild called Real Life is for Losers, but I've only left because they dont want to raid this expansion and I didn't want to be stuck in that situation

Do you agree to use Discord/Teamspeak and have a Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking during raids?
Can't stand doing group content without VOIP to be honest, so for me it's actually a necessity.

Post a screenshot of your ui while in a raid and in combat:

Explain your choice of key bindings, do not list them all, just give us an idea of which abilities you bind where.
1 - 5 Main Dealing Abilities, S1 - S5 for Pet Abilities, Defensives, Q - F for Other Attacks, SQ - SF for Big DPS Cooldowns and CC, F1 - F5 for Miscellaneous Abilities
Do you have any healing / damage logs from a previous raid? If so please post a link below.

Tell us a joke, it's (hopefully) been a long application and we need a laugh.
To the man in the wheelchair that stole my Ghillie Suit,
You can hide, but you can't run 😎

Hopefully I ain't forgotten to write anythin down 👌
#12774476 Oct 11, 2016 at 10:06 AM
Guild Master
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You look like a smart, capable guy, feel free to contact me in-game for an invite.

You can consider leveling up or transferring another character too since we're at the beginning and won't have a full team for 1-2 weeks.

Talk to you soon,

Tactik out.
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